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Best beaches in Esperance

Lucky Bay

A list of top Esperance beaches wouldn’t be complete without Lucky Bay, located in Cape Le Grand National Park. Lucky Bay is probably the most famous of the Esperance beaches, it’s the one that the Lucky Bay kangaroos call home. You’ll see these furry friends bouncing around the beach or laying soaking up the sunshine. The beach stretches 5kms long, so you’ll always score a great, sandy spot - no matter how many people are there. There is a spot to launch your boat, and the beach is a popular fishing spot. Lucky Bay is a perfect place to set up for the day, and has a terrific camp ground, you can now even book in advance online, which is recommended if you’re travelling in peak season.

Twilight Beach

If you’re looking for something a little closer to town, Twilight Bay is the go-to. A 10-minute drive along the Great Ocean Drive from the town of Esperance sits the jewel in the crown.  You may recognise the rock formation out in the water, which creates mesmerising wave breaks and whitewash. At high tide, you can swim to the rock and jump into those azure waters. At low tide, you can sometimes even walk across the sandbar to the rock! Twilight Bay is also home to the Esperance Goldfields Surf Life Saving Club, who are lucky enough to call this their training ground. The sheltered conditions make this bay a beautiful family swimming spot and it’s often lifeguarded too. Esperance locals sure are spoilt to have this world-class beach right on their doorstep!

Hellfire Bay

Another gem located within Cape Le Grand National Park is Hellfire Bay. This secluded beach nestled between giant, granite rocks, boasts some of the most impressive turquoise ocean views in Western Australia. As this beach is a little less well known, you may even be lucky enough to have the entire beach to yourself, making you feel like you’re on your own private island. The Recherche Archipelago sits in the distance. with the silhouettes of islands popping up through the ocean. This scenic bay is a perfect spot to swim in calm conditions followed by a picnic on the sand, with barbeque facilities at hand.

Wharton Beach

Staying within the national park, another beach located within Cape Le Grand National Park is Wharton Beach. This is a little further away from Esperance down (about a one-hour drive) but it’s totally worth it. A favourite with Esperance locals, the sand at this beach is so fine, it actually squeaks. Boasting a peaceful, relaxed and tranquil vibe, this beach is the perfect location to chill out. If the drive puts you off, why not make a night, weekend or week of it and set up camp at Orleans Bay Caravan Park? Wharton Beach is also one of the most popular surfing spots in the region for those who are keen to get out there on your boards, and you might even spot a pod of dolphins joining you in the waves.

Blue Haven

Down a steep, winding staircase lays the beautiful Blue Haven Beach. Protected from the wind with rock faces on either side, this is the perfect spot for swimming and sun baking on a sunny Esperance day. Depending on the tides there can be limited sand available to set up on for the day, but the rocks are a perfect spot to lay on and soak up the sun. While taking a refreshing dip out in the bay, don’t forget to turn around and look back at the rugged coastline of rock faces and cliffs and see how they contrast against the blue and whites of the beach, it reminds you just how beautiful these hidden beaches are. Another great perk is the amazing journey along the Great Ocean Drive. The road twists and turns alongside the coast offering fantastic views and building anticipation for that first dip in the ocean.


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