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How to hack your public holidays for 2021

Want to make the most out of your 2021 public holidays? Save your annual leave and use these hacks to extend your time off for the year so you can head out on some epic road trips through Road Trip Country! Whether it's 3 days off or a few weeks (well, you aren’t heading to Europe this year so what are you waiting for), we’ve got a road trip to suit every time frame, from 4WDing and camping to hotel stays by the ocean, let us inspire your next Road Trip Country adventure.


Public Holidays: 26 January – Australia Day

Days to take off: Take off Monday 25 January for a 4-day long weekend.

Where to go: Esperance and the coast is where you’ll want to spend these long summer days. The weather is perfect, with an average high of 26 degrees and a very low chance of rain, so it’s a fantastic time to go swimming in the sparkling turquoise ocean waters. There is an array of beaches to explore, as well as rock climbing, hiking, swimming, surfing, stargazing, and so much more!


Public Holidays: 1 March – Labour Day

Days to take off: Take off 26 February and 2 March for a 5-day long weekend.

Where to go: Hopetoun and the Fitzgerald Coast. The pristine wilderness of Fitzgerald River National Park on the southern coast is perfect for anyone with a love of nature and a thirst for adventure. Drive from Perth to Hopetoun, which takes just under 6 hours, and spend 5 days at this coastal paradise. The Fitzgerald Coast is recognized as one of the most diverse botanical regions on earth with around 1,800 species of flowering plant alone. It won’t be wildflower season, so instead of wildflower watching you can hike, swim, whale watch, fish, and catch some amazing sunsets behind East Mount Barren.


Public Holidays: 2 April – Good Friday | 5 April – Easter Monday

Days to take off: Take off 1, 6 and 7 April for 7 days off.

Where to go: If you have a whole week off, we’d highly recommend heading to the Gascoyne Murchison and tackling the Road to the Rock road trip. Explore miles of rich red and lush outback paradise with rugged rock formations, station stays, swimming holes, ancient rock art, and some of the best 4WD trails in all of Australia! You’ll see Burringurrah (Mount Augustus), the largest rock in the world, which is twice the size of Uluru and has the most epic views from the top if you decide to hike!

NOTE: If you are attempting to high up Mount Augustus, you’ll need to be well prepared as the return hike can take 6-8 hours and should be only attempted by experienced hikers and bush walkers. You will need to carry enough water (at least 3-4 litres per person, per day). Find out more from the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.

Public Holidays: 26 April – ANZAC Day Holiday

Days to take off: Take 23 April off for a 4-day weekend.

Where to go: Head out into the Wheatbelt and explore the vast countryside, wineries, camping locations, rock formations, and so much more. With trips starting from as close at 3 hours away, the Wheatbelt is a perfect long weekend destination. No matter what you’re after, you’re sure to find it along one of the many Wheatbelt road trips. Experience starry night skies, public silo artworks, and colourful landscapes galore.


Public Holidays: 7 June – Western Australia Day

Days to take off: Take of Friday 4 June for a spectacular 4-day long weekend.

Where to go: The middle of the year is the perfect time to head out into the Goldfields region. The cooler, winter months provide the perfect conditions for exploring, camping, hiking, and road-tripping. What better way to celebrate WA Day by discovering the rich and extensive gold mining history dating back to the discovery of gold in the 1890s in the small towns and communities in the Goldfields. We’d recommend getting out in the Golden Quest Discovery Trail to explore the vast salt flats of Lake Ballard and see one of the world’s most remote art installation, head to a real-life ghost town, visit a pub with a resident horse, see some epic goldfields landscapes, and so much more.


Public Holidays: 27 September – Queen’s Birthday

Days to take off: Take off 24 September for a 4-day weekend of wildflowers

Where to go: It’s wildflower season! Head to the Northern Wheatbelt to experience an array of colour and fields of petals that burst into colour in September. You’ll be treated to a sea of colour as far as the eye can see along your 4-day road trip, so plan for some epic picnics among the fields of flowers and visit the small towns dotted along the way with some beautiful heritage buildings. Suggested road trip: Wildflower Way.


Public Holidays: 27 December – Christmas Holiday | 28 December – Boxing Day Holiday | 3 January – New Year’s Day

Days to take off: Don’t get stuck in the office over the festive season! Take off the 29, 30 and 31 December and enjoy a 10-day break.

Where to go: Head south and enjoy The South West Edge. This epic road trip takes you through one of the most beautiful parts of the country, departing from Perth, through Margaret River, Denmark, Albany, all the way to beautiful Esperance. Experience out of this world beaches, indulgent food and drink at the extensive list of wineries and restaurants, gigantic karri forests surrounding you, and much more. Why not take a scenic flight over Lake Hillier for a real bucket list experience?

Discover the small towns along the way and wind your way back through the Wheatbelt region to experience Wave Rock, or journey even further up into the Goldfields!