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The Top Wildflower Locations throughout Australia’s Golden Outback

Here in Western Australia, the wildflower displays each year are some of the largest on Earth! There are more than 12,000 species, over 60% of which are found nowhere else in the world, and these flowers cover the state from the coast through the outback plains.

No matter where you are within the state, you are sure to spot some wildflowers within the wildflower season each year (July through to November). Lucky for us, the Golden Outback region covers over half of WA, meaning the wildflowers seen within our region are some of the best and most awe-inspiring. We have compiled some of the well-known hot spots from the last few years to inspire your 2020 wildflower road trip travels through Road Trip Country!

* We must remind you to never pick the wildflowers you see growing, this is illegal. Take only photos. Do not trespass on private property to find wildflowers.

Gascoyne Murchison

This is where you will want to head if you want to catch the start of the Golden Outback wildflower season. Depending on rainfall, you can expect to see some blooming flowers from late July in the northern part of the region.

  • Paynes Find – you will be able to spot carpets of everlastings around here in the peak of the Gascoyne Murchison wildflower season, and make sure you bring your camera, these carpets are definitely photo worthy!

  • Mellenbye Station – one of the crowd favourites, the rare wreath flowers, grow here and in surrounding areas. These flowers have been spotted along the roadsides throughout the area in the last few years.

  • Yalgoo & Morawa – Find roadside blooms, including everlastings, wreath flowers, and other pops of colour.

  • Mount Magnet – 2019 saw fantastic carpets of everlastings along the eastern entrance to Mount Magnet, so this is one to keep your eye on!

If you want to explore the Gascoyne Murchison during wildflower season, check out our epic Road to the Rock itinerary to help your planning!

The Wheatbelt

As the Wheatbelt is one of the larger regions, the spread of wildflowers covers majority of the land, with different wildflowers popping up in different places – you’ll find different varieties in the North to those in the South.

  • Morawa – This pocket of the Northern Wheatbelt springs into bloom during wildflower season, with white and pink everlastings, pom poms, and smaller yellow flowers found throughout.

  • Wongan Hills – One of the great wildflower towns during season! Expect plenty of flowers here, with some great bushland to explore and find bush flowers around the reserves.

  • Dalwallinu & Wubin – Head here for a great display of assorted orchids which continue to bloom each season.

  • Moora – Find a unique collection of wildflowers seen through the parks and around town.

  • Pathways to Wave Rock road trip (including Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace, and Narembeen) – head here to see orchids, flowering annuals, sundews, and so many more along this road trip.

  • Hyden – Follow the walking trails around Wave Rock and explore wattle, hakea, grevillea, bottlebrush, and numerous orchid species.

  • North/Eastern Wheatbelt (Dowerin, Koorda, Beacon, Westonia, Nungarin, Wyalkatchem, Bencubbin, Mukinbudin, Trayning) – Also known as the Wheatbelt Way road trip, this strip comes to bloom and is a must travel if you’re hunting for wildflowers in the Wheatbelt region.

  • Central Wheatbelt – this region usually blooms from late July – October (depending on rainfall). Head out along the Golden Pipeline Discovery Trail and the Pioneers Pathway self-drive to experience the wildflowers in bloom including orchids, everlastings, wattle, and more.

  • Dryandra Woodlands – Experience wildflowers, birdlife and animals come to life from late August to early October.

If you’re heading to the Wheatbelt to find wildflowers, check out this wildflower itinerary, or our larger Wheatbelt Wonders itinerary that takes you via the famous Wave Rock. link to itins)

Esperance & The Coast

Esperance and the Fitzgerald Coast burst into life during wildflower season, and some flowers can even be seen through to late October. The national parks especially are full of colour, and the green shrubbery and ocean waters as the backdrop make for a jaw dropping wildflower location.

  • Esperance Town – Head to Helms Arboretum, the Dempster Head walk trail and the Great Ocean Drive for blooming flowers and bushes. Stay in town for the Esperance Wildflower Festival at the end of September showcasing over 500 local species.

  • Cape Le Grand National Park – A walk anywhere through this national park will showcase several wildflowers, flowering plants, local trees and plenty more.

  • Ravensthorpe – During wildflower season, head to Ravensthorpe for the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show and Spring Festival. View over 600 specimens on display and celebrate the unique surrounding environment.

  • Fitzgerald Coast – The coastline and Fitzgerald River National Park is one of the best places within the Golden Outback to view wildflowers within the season. It also blooms at other times of the year, with tourists spotting wildflowers during most months! A walk through this national park will have you finding some unique wildflowers, like the royal hakea and cauliflower hakea.

There are wildflower shows held in both Esperance and Hopetoun in September, so if you have a week of annual leave up your sleeve, take off for an epic, colourful wildflower adventure!

The Goldfields

The Goldfields is one of the lesser known areas for wildflowers, but there are some amazing local bushes and trees that come to life within wildflower season.

  • Between Menzies and Kalgoorlie – you can sometimes find wildflowers in bloom on the roadside between these two towns – often spotted is the rare Sturt Pea.

  • Kalgoorlie – The local bushes and trees come into bloom in Karlkurla Park and surrounding bushlands.

If you’re heading to the Goldfields, be sure to do the Golden Quest Discovery Trail itinerary and see the world-famous Lake Ballard.

For the most up to date wildflower spotings, head to our Wildflower Spoting Tracker!


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