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Top 4 Wheel Drive Trails in Esperance

Looking to get off the beaten track and have a serious adventure? Here are our favourite 4WD tracks around Esperance!

Esperance to Cape Le Grand Beach

This is a relatively easy route, but a fun one with beautiful views!

Set off along Fisheries Road, take the right turn onto Bandy Creek Road, and then left onto Wylie Bay Road. At the end, deflate your tyres and get prepared for some of the most pristine coastline in the world.

There is a massive rock at Wylie Bay which you can drive over (do so carefully and only if you are competent), and enjoy the incredible views. After driving over, or around the rock, you have 20km of beach to travel along before getting to Cape Le Grand; a point worthy of a look. You can camp here too if you want to make a night of it! You can also continue along the beach to Lucky Bay from here, the famous white beach that's home to sunbathing kangaroos, brilliant camping facilities and a coffee van!

Please note, the drive from Wylie Bay to Le Grand beach can be tricky in winter when the sand becomes very soft and the tides can be high. Always check the road conditions before setting off on your adventure.

Duke of Orleans

If you carry on further into the National Park from Lucky Bay, you'll get to Orleans Bay Road. This takes you to Duke of Orleans Caravan Park - a great place to stock up on supplies, fish or stay the night. There are heaps of 4WD tracks here, so get ready to explore! here than you’ll need.

The track consists of very steep rock face climbing, sand blown tight winding tracks and big rock steeps, so get ready to work for it! Remember, you'll have to do it all again in reverse on the way home!

Dunn Rocks to Rossiter Bay

Rossiter Bay is just 6 km east from Lucky Bay - this is another great beach which stretches over 8 kms until it meets Dunn Rocks. Dunn Rocks is the end of Rossiter beach and just on the other side of the Rocks is another beach which is just short of 10 kms long.

Once onto Rossiter beach (accessed via Lucky Bay Road) it gets very soft and low psi is required to avoid sinking into the sand. Follow the beach all the way until it ends at a rocky point and you'll have a reached an amazingly sheltered spot to relax.

Cape Arid

Head further east to Cape Arid National Park for some epic 4wd adventure. Cape Arid itself is an amazing spot. You can get onto the beach at Thomas River and drive 29km to the Cape. Make sure you know when high tide is though as when the tide is in, the beach is too narrow to drive along.

When you get near the end of the beach, there are a number of rocks that you can drive over or tracks that take you around the narrow parts of the beach.


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