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Top family friendly attractions in the Wheatbelt

Whether you’re looking to escape for the next school holidays or just fancy a day trip or long weekend, the Wheatbelt is the perfect place to explore with kids! There are so many attractions and things to do that everyone in the family will enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of the top attractions to add to your family road trip itinerary, so plan your trip around these key spots!

Wave Rock

This is probably one of the most famous attractions in the Wheatbelt! Everyone wants to grab their photo surfing the giant inland wave! Wave Rock, located in the town of Hyden, is an amazing rock formation that stretches over 100 metres long and stands at 15 metres high. It’s a fun stop for the kids so they can ride the wave and enjoy the bush trails around it.

Take a short walk down the trail to Hippos Yawn, a rock shaped as exactly that, a hippo’s yawn! A great photo opportunity to show your friends. There is accommodation located nearby too if you want to stay overnight, and you can even camp at Wave Rock and enjoy a night under the stars. A visit to the salt water pond near Lake Magic is also worth the visit!

Tin Horse Highway

One your way to Wave Rock, travel down one of the most recognised highways in Australia, the Tin Horse Highway. This open-air art installation is a seriously entertaining drive, with each side of the road lined with over 70 tin horses of all shapes, colours and sizes striking poses as you pass by. This initiative started as a community campaign to promote the annual Kulin Bush Races, and the horse were made from bits and pieces found laying around from local farmers, and definitely show off the fun, humorous side to the Wheatbelt lifestyle! Stop off at your favourite horse display – or all of them – for some awesome selfie opportunities!

Dryandra Woodland

If you’ve got some animal lovers in the family, make sure to add Dryandra Woodland to your road trip itinerary. See some of Western Australia’s unique animals – Dryandra Woodland is home to more than 100 species of birds and 24 mammals, making it the perfect spot for animal watching!

Expect to see echidnas, woylies, possums, kangaroos and numbats as you explore and walk throughout the woodlands and the bushwalking trails. If the kids are tired or have given up on walking for the day, learn all about the animals on a 25km radio gravel drive trail, travelling through the open woodland scenery, including 6 stops with interesting stories about the history and animals of the area. Visit at night-time for a guided nocturnal walk to see threatened marsupials like wallabies, bilbies, bandicoots and boodies.

Elachbutting Rock

If your kids are a little older and keen for an adventure, head to Elachbutting Rock for a day of exploring! Located about 100km North of Westonia and along The Wheatbelt Way, this natural rock formation has amazing walking trails around the granite outcrops and through the bushlands, plus some amazing views at the top! Find the hidden caves which have formed within the rock. They’re great fun to climb in and have a look around, as well as hear the echoes of your voices bouncing off the walls. Monty’s Pass is a real highlight, a 30-metre tunnel caused by a rockslide, which you can squeeze, climb and crawl through.

You’ll also discover Elachbutting Well, which was established by the early settlers for drinking water and is still there today.  If you visit during Spring, prepare for a wonderful wildflower display as the bushland explodes with colour, making for great photo opportunities, especially from the top of the rock!


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