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Unique Experiences in Esperance & the Fitzgerald River

Esperance and the Fitzgerald Coast are both seaside escapes with a lot of character. There are so many unique things to do here - many of them totally unique to the region! Take a look and see what catches your eye, then add it to your trip bucket list!

Esperance Stonehenge is the only replica of the original Stonehenge in the UK in the world! It is situated only 10 minutes away from Esperance townsite, en route to Cape Le Grand National Park. It was built to align with the solstices in Esperance. On the morning of the Summer Solstice (December 22) the suns rays align with the station stones and shine through to the altar stone. The sunset of the Winter Solstice (June 21) repeats the same alignment in reverse. It truly is a sight to behold and worth the visit!

Experience Australia’s only specialist fish and shark leather tannery, Mermaid Leather. Sit down and relax while you watch the team turn raw fish skins into unique and beautiful leather. Feel the sensual texture of Barramundi and Snapper, test the robust strength of Shark, and enjoy browsing through the Mermaid Leather studio which has many unique leather goods for sale. This would surely be a conversation starter for the next dinner party you host!

Middle Island

Middle Island is located 70 nautical miles from Esperance and features beautifully clear turquoise waters and is home to the Insta-famous pink Lake Hillier. While the island is situated in a very remote location which is difficult to access, you can take a scenic flight over the island with Goldfields Air Services, or take the once-a-year special cruise with Esperance Island Cruises. Contact the Esperance Visitor Centre staff for more information and for your chance to flyover the only island in the world with a pink lake!

Kangaroos at Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is nestled within Cape Le Grand National Park. It is known for its beautiful beaches and local residents - kangaroos that like to laze on the beach. It is a truly unique thing to do when you visit Esperance, but pack a picnic and some drinks as you can easily spend your whole day there. A bounty of excellent coastal bush walks are at your feet with some of the most beautiful views of the many islands in the distance - keep an eye out for migrating whales in the Winter months! The beach is also a popular fishing spot and there is also a boat launch nearby. Because it is a bay, it also makes for excellent snorkelling and swimming. Once you arrive, you'll know why it was voted as Australia's whitest beach! Can it get any better? Yes, there is also a coffee van located right on the sand. Grab a coffee from the Lucky Bean Café and enjoy your morning coffee with a side of Lucky Bay views!

Fitzgerald River National Park

Did you know the Fitzgerald River National Park is recognised as one of the most diverse botanical regions on earth with around 1,800 species of flowering plant alone? If you visit in the Springtime, you'll see the landscape burst into colour, dotted with colourful wildflowers. The National Park is also home to nearly 20% of Western Australia's plant species, making it a pretty unique part of our State's wilderness make up.


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