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Winter in Esperance

Ok, we’re going to tell you straight up, Esperance in Winter can be cold. But don’t let this put you off! Esperance is just as beautiful in Winter as it is in Summer. You just need to be prepared and pack your beanie!

Whilst we still get warm, blue sky days here in Winter, it can also get rainy and cold – so we’ve created a hit list of things to do in Esperance in the colder months. Pack your warm clothes and hit the Road to Esperance for an epic Winter adventure. Check out our awesome itinerary from Perth and add the below to your travel bucket list!

Whale watching

The whale watching season runs from June to October in Esperance – so as the cooler weather arrives, so do the whales! The many secluded bays of Esperance are perfect places for mothers and calves to relax, feed and practice their swimming! You are most likely to see southern right whales, as well as humpbacks in this area. Check out our whale watching blog for the best places to spot whales in Winter.

Rugged up walks along the Great Ocean Drive

The Great Ocean Drive is one of the most epic stretches of coastline in the world; and it’s beautiful in any weather. Get rugged up, bring out the beanie and waterproof and head off along the walk path. Take a thermos with something hot to enjoy en-route and soak up those amazing views. If you’ve got your bike with you, you can also cycle this great trail – that’s sure to keep you warm!

Lucky Bay Brewing

On a rainy afternoon, be sure to head to Lucky Bay Brewing for a tasting paddle and a woodfired pizza. You can’t get more cosy than that! There are heaps of amazing places to eat in Esperance, so check out our list of recommendations!

Esperance Mini Golf

You’ll find this 18-hole indoor mini-golf course along The Esplanade, near the Adventure Land Park. Great family fun for everyone. Open daily during the school holiday and most weekends.

Esperance Tanker Jetty

Stretching 415m off the coast into the ocean, the new Esperance Tanker Jetty comes as a welcome relief to the town, almost six years after the iconic jetty was closed. A stroll along the jetty will show you some amazing coastal views, and you can also fish and dive off it, with plenty of underwater activity to be seen around the cooler months. A great activity for the family and a great way to see how the jetty has been rebuilt.

Arts and Crafts

There’s a thriving arts scene in Esperance; with everything from handmade leather goods to locally made glass jewellery and The Cannery Arts Centre, which is Esperance's leading local art gallery and workshop craft space. Check out our list showcasing the best of the arty side of Esperance.

Snuggle up by the fire

There are a number of accommodation options in Esperance with fires to keep you warm, including La Cabane, Rustic Retreat, and West Beach Holiday House. The Esperance Chalet Village has the firepit cranking in cooler months and the restaurants at Eljay’s in the Comfort Inn has a beautiful fireplace to sit by as you enjoy your dinner. So snuggle up and enjoy these cosy spots.

Esperance Distillery Co.

Nothing warms you up like a gin and tonic! Esperance Distillery Co is a new distillery right in the heart of Esperance, and it’s actually the smallest distillery in Australia! This father-son due focus on showcasing the coastal beauty that defines the town, and their first gin was produced with a native botanical found only within 100km of Ravensthorpe! Stock up on a few bottles for your Esperance stay to enjoy by a fire, or snuggled up in your accommodation on a cold Wintery night.


There are heaps of hikes to enjoy in Esperance which are actually more fun in the cooler months – think avoiding flies and sunscreen! We’ve rounded up our favourites here, but there are lots to choose from either in Esperance, the surrounding bushlands or at Cape Le Grand National Park.

4WD adventures

If you’re travelling to Esperance in a 4WD and fancy some off-road adventure, Winter is the perfect time to visit. What’s more fun than splashing through giant puddles and really ramping up the rugged factor? We’ve listed our favourite 4WD adventures here – there are so many to choose from and they’re all perfect in the cooler months.

So, there you have it; come rain or shine you can have an action-packed escape in Esperance!


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